Communicating in Fashion

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In many years, fashion is the way of expressing ourselves to people who we even don’t know. We wear clothes how we feel during the day. We wear music groups t-shirts to show the world who we like. Here is a question for you. Why is fashion so critical for all of us? The answer is the first impression. Because the first impression is the first thing people see in us. The first impression is the first clue about us. We give this first clue with what we wear so we can communicate via fashion to other people.

Now I will take you on time travel to understand how fashion became a medium to communicate. Have you heard the term subculture? According to the Oxford English Dictionary (the OED), subculture means an identifiable subgroup within a society or group of people, especially one characterized by beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger group. Let’s take the punk example in terms of fashion, for example. Punks have a specific way of clothing: ripped clothing was held together by safety pins and footwear such as high-cut Chuck Taylors, skate shoes, Brothel Creepers, Dr. Martens boots, and army boots. Maybe the most distinguishing feature was colored hairs. Now let’s go a little forward. Grunge was born during the mid-1980s in the American Pacific State of Washington, particularly in Seattle and nearby towns. The most notable clothing is flannel shirts and lumberjack boots. Ripped jeans, mom jeans, band t-shirts, oversize sweaters, long skirts became the elements of Grunge style. Ironically Grunge was anti-fashion; however, Grunge became one of the most popular styles during the time. I gave these examples through subculture; however, I can multiply the examples. For instance, Steve Jobs always wore a black t-shirt not to waste time. Basic black t-shirts became the impression of not wasting time and be effortlessly fashionable all the time. As you can understand, how we wear it tells about us and give clues to whether we are a member of any subcultures. Maybe we like to wear it effortlessly. Let me meet in the comments section. I would love to learn about how do you communicate via fashion. Is there a subculture you are a member of it?

Example of Punk Style
21. Century example of Grunge Style

Stay in fashion to communicate with each other ladies and gentlemen.

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Berfu Çifci

Stay in fashion, fellas.


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Communicating in Fashion” için 2 yorum

  • 3 Şubat 2021 tarihinde, saat 10:58

    Hello, @dowereallyneed?

    In the near past, there were the ones that we can say examples of subculture. To give an example, we can say Hipsters, Emo, Haul Girl, and Sneakerheads + Hypebeasts or we can see the new version of some of the past subcultures like Goths. Our world is emerging so fast when we compare to the past and fashion also. In the past, the subcultures were followed by the masses and gathered these masses under an idea. Subcultures today consist of audiences that meet with fashion. If we take the punk subculture, for example, this subculture was also a revolt against authorities. The current subculture is more like a lifestyle.

  • 24 Ocak 2021 tarihinde, saat 11:33

    So when do you think there will be a new subculture developed? Or if it was already been developed when will it will be more popular And what is that subculture will complain about and what can be the fashion style of it (colors etc.) ?


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