The Class of Precariat, Rap Music, and Fashion

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The precariat, which lacks class consciousness, uses what it earns to survive, feels insecure and always inadequate, defines it as the new dangerous class rising over the concepts of flexibility and insecurity brought about by the neoliberal order. According to the British economist Guy Standing who introduced the concept, the precariat meets a new class among the people, like the proletariat. What is the relation of the class of precariat to the rap music? Well, it is simple. While the system is constantly updating itself, it creates new standards that will make individuals feel inadequate. The individual who becomes precarious in all these conditions feels excluded, worries about his future, and becomes lonely. Since it does not have a political field, it is socially and psychologically withdrawn day by day. The reality of this individual is one of the main themes of rap music today.

Rap music was born as a protest to disco culture in the 70s in Bronx, New York. From the past to today, Rap music had has the biggest influence on the street style. It played a major role in the evolution of street style and high fashion today. Rap artists mentioned apparel and/or brands in their music and even many have collaborated with fashion brands, and some have been given their own lines. During this 41-year period, rap music has rooted itself into the fashion industry. Since one of the primary themes of rap music is the class of the precariat at the beginning of the rap music, we can say that the three different concepts are related to each other. Rappers from the ghetto unconsciously brought the new and dangerous class to fashion and helped to adapt fashion to today. To analyze fashion and trends, it is necessary to look at today’s conditions and socio-economic infrastructures. Fashion could be a harbinger of what’s happening to us in the world. We will hear the term precariat often in the following days.

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Stay in fashion, fellas.

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